History of Bauer

Bauer is one of the leading manufacturers of Ice Hockey equipment, fitness and recreational skates and apparel. Bauer produces helmets, gloves, sticks, skates, shin guards, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, as well as goalie equipment.

In 1927, the Bauer family, owners of Western Shoe Company, established the Bauer Company as its known today, in Kitchener, Ontario, U.S.A
Bauer was the first hockey company to begin producing hockey skates in which the blade was permanently secured to the boot. Bauer made the boot, and the skate blade by the now-defunct Starr Manufacturing Company, this innovation was originally marketed under the trade name "Bauer Supreme", this name is still used today. 
Not a lot changed in Bauer’s design or methods for the next 40 or so years, the skates were made of leather and had metal tubular blade carriers.
In 1976 Bauer developed the original plastic TUUK 2000 holders, then in 1990 they introduced the Tuuk Plus shape. These designs had massive success in helping push Bauer back to the top with many Hockey League players wearing them.
 In 1976 Bauer introduced the Bauer Turbo plastic skate, it had a hinged ankle for increased movement and used a padded formed inner sock system much like a ski boot, this skate has a big cult following and you will find most Bauer Turbo's are quad's. These roller skate conversions were extremely popular in the UK and many old school skaters have very fond memories of them. The Bauer Turbo’s stopped being produced in 1994 when Nike purchased Bauer and discontinued the hard plastic shell boot in favour of rigid one piece boots
As mentioned in 1994 Canstar, the parent company of Bauer, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nike. In 2006, beginning with the release of the Nike Bauer Supreme One90, the company's products were rebranded as Nike Bauer. This was the first time Nike had ever used a partner brand name on a product. 
On February 21, 2008 Nike sold the Company to investors Roustan Inc. and Kohlberg & Co. The company is once again known as Bauer Hockey, though the Nike Bauer trademark was used until mid-2009. 
On September 25, 2008, Bauer announced the purchase of rival Mission-Itech. Mission and Itech gear was rebranded as Bauer beginning in 2009. 

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